Recycle Rally
Recycle Rally
Recycle Rally

Each end of round question was fed into Flash using XML - making it easy to add more questions or ammend existing ones

Recycle Rally

The top 100 and login/register section

Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally

August 2008

Client: MSN (working with creative agency Thin Martian)

Skills: Concept, Design, Flash Build, XML

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Note: The scoreboard won't display because the game period has ended

Recycle Rally was built to drive awareness of the environment whilst increasing Windows Live Search hits.

In the game the player must sort through the incoming rubbish by putting it into the correct colour coded tray. At the end of each round they have to answer a question - where a Live Search Clue can be used if needed.

If the player makes a wrong move then the landfill meter fills up. If it reaches the top then it's game over!

The game includes login/register functionality along with a top 100 scoreboard.

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