Celeb and Movie Mashup
Celeb and Movie Mashup
Celeb and Movie Mashup
Celeb and Movie Mashup
Celeb and Movie Mashup

Celeb & Movie Mashup

January 2007

Client: MSN (working with creative agency Thin Martian)

Skills: Design, Flash Build, XML, Logo

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Note: The game campaign is now over and the sites are no longer maintained.

Celeb Mashup was launched alongside Movie Mashup in a bid to increase Windows Live Search hits through a fun game with prizes.

The player has to guess the celeb/movie by clicking on the squares and revealing a jumbled image. Each image gives a search clue popup.

Each week the top 3 players won prizes, and after the competition ended the games were left online as 'play for fun'.

The mashups were stored in an XML file, which contained a link to the image, the clues that would appear for each one and also a list of guess responses that were allowed as 'correct'.

The mashup images were randomly jumbled in Flash every time the user played the game, just to keep it fresh and different.

Using XML meant that mashups could be easily created, edited and removed by someone with no technical knowledge of the game program.

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