Indy Search

The Indy Search landing page. All searches made from here could win prizes

Indy Search

Here's the search header, the cogs would turn and glow green if it's a win!

Indy Search
Indy Search

Search results page featuring the Indy Search header

Indy Search

Indy Search

May 2008

Client: MSN (working with creative agency Thin Martian)

Skills: Design, Flash Build, Logo

View the landing page
View the Live Search header

Note: The campaign is now over and the search feature will not work.

Due to the huge success and popularity of Big Snap, Indy Search was used to seamlessly continue the promotion and offer more great prizes for using Live Search.

The mechanic here was similar to Big Snap, but instead of cards flipping over it was a set of cogs that turned. If the symbols on the cogs turned and matched then the player would win.

A large online advertising campaign was also rolled out for the promotion.

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