Saatchi & Saatchi Hairloss

September 2009

Client: MSD (with Saatch & Saatchi)

Skills: Design, Flash Build, PHP

Website no longer live

The Hairloss tool allows you to upload an image of yourself, position/crop/resize it and then blend it into a template by using a colour picker. You can then select your hair type and colour and see how your hair will recede over time.

At the end of the process you can then save out a JPG of your image to show your friends.

The app was originally created in Flash Player 10 allowing for direct access to the users file system on their machine (meaning uploading your image was very easy), but we later rebuilt for Flash Player 9 and so used PHP for file uploading.

The app includes a lot of Bitmap Class programming in AS3 in order to manipulate the image and implement the colour picker.

The hairstyles are all seperate SWFs which are brought into the app via XML - meaning they can easily be changed or more hairstyles can be added.

All copy is sourced from an XML file in order to localise the app to various European markets.

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