Ford eLearning
Ford eLearning

Ford eLearning

November 2010

Client: Ford (with Euro RSCG)

Skills: Design, Flash Build, XML

Note: Internal project so unfortunately can't be showcased here

Design and Flash build of 3 eLearning courses for the internal sales team. The courses are used to educate and train the staff in specialised areas for the benefit of the customers.

Each course includes in-depth learning modules followed by an assessment. The courses are hooked into a Learning Management System so all progress is tracked and any assessement scores recorded. This is implemented by using JavaScript to talk to the LMS, and in turn the Flash communicates with the JS.

The project involved concepting, interface design, animation and object oriented coding. Each course was also localised to 10-20 European markets and so the content was stored in external XML documents.

For the course structure a system was developed whereby each page was a separate SWF with it's own XML file for content. Bespoke XML nodes were then created that would dynamically build each screen when it was loaded - meaning pages could be created easily using an XML markup approach.

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