Big Snap

The Big Snap landing page, all searches made from here could win prizes

Big Snap

Search results page - if the cards matched then you won the prize shown

Big Snap
Big Snap

A selection of the 25 prizes that were given away

Big Snap

On set with Dick and Dom

Big Snap

Big Snap

March 2008

Client: MSN (working with creative agency Thin Martian)

Skills: Design, Flash Build, Logo

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Note: The campaign is now over and the search feature will not work. Some links may also produce unexpected results.

Big Snap was a Windows Live Search campaign to drive useage of Live Search and increase market share.

Users were invited to use 'Big Snap Search' as their everyday search engine, meaning every search they made gave them the opportunity to win. Prizes included John Lewis vouchers and a trip to Necker Island, supplied by Virgin.

A prize was given away every hour for 8 weeks.

The mechanic of the campaign involved 2 cards flipping over to reveal the faces. If the cards matched then you won the prizes shown on the cards.

The promotion was pushed further by the involvement of BBC's Dick & Dom, an extensive ad inventory, MSN homepage modules and a bespoke Big Snap landing page.

Big Snap was a hugely successful campaign, and as soon as it finished it switched over to Indy Search to promote the new Indiana Jones 4 movie.

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