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Address: Central London, UK

Telephone: 07930 279 709

Email: hello[at]


I am a contract Flash developer specialising in games, applications, websites and campaign production. My main skills are Flash development in AS3/AS2 using OOP scripting methods.

During my 7 years of industry experience I have conceptualised, designed, built and helped run large online campaigns, applications, eLearning tools, websites, games and competitions for global companies such as Microsoft, Ford, Sky, AOL, Cartoon Network, Xbox, Channel 4, Specsavers, Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney, BBH, The Commonwealth and Kellogg's.
My hobbies include playing the guitar, Martial Arts and snowboarding.


  • Expert knowledge of Flash with 7 years industry experience (AS3, AS2 and OOP scripting methods).
  • Skilled integration of various APIs into Flash, including Flixel, TweenMax , PureMVC, SWFAddress , Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr and FIVe3D.
  • Experience and knowledge of design patterns and working methodologies such as MVC.
  • Ability to integrate Flash applications into a CMS, Learning Management System or database.
  • Expert ability using XML feeds to dynamically populate applications and utilising 3rd party ASP and PHP scripts to add database connectivity.
  • Highly skilled in interface design, usability, user journeys and storyboarding.
  • Knowledge of agile working techniques as well as involvement with User Acceptance Testing, staggered software releases and bug testing phases.
  • A keen developer on the AIR for Android program.
  • Competent in responding to briefs, production of cost estimates and client communication.
  • Efficient in project management, task delegation and budget management.
  • A Strong team player, communicator and problem solver.

Skill Competency Industry Experience Last practised
Flash, Actionscript 3 & 2 Advanced 7 years Current
XML Advanced 7 years Current
Web design & usability Advanced 7 years Current
HTML / CSS Advanced 7 years Current
JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX Advanced 7 years Current
Photoshop Advanced 7 years Current
Illustrator Intermediate 7 years Current
Wordpress Intermediate 3 years Current
PHP Intermediate 6 years Current
MySQL Intermediate 6 years Current
WAMP Intermediate 2 years Current


Spiral Static Ltd


July 2009 - Present

  • Preloaded (Apr – Jun '11) - Flash development of 'Suburban Karate Master', a 16-bit style game for a new show on Cartoon Network.
    See the game
    Build of an AIR app for Disney - allows the user to select a folder on their file system and generate XML content.
  • Euro RSCG Skybridge (Apr – Apr '11) – Design and Flash development of an internal game for Ford.
  • Preloaded (Mar – Arp '11) - Development of an XML powered Flash feature for a new Cartoon Network show. Featuring parallax scrolling, animation queuing/managing, video integration with the Brightcove API and Arabic text rendering using TLF text.
    See the website
  • Euro RSCG Riley (Mar '11) - Design and development of a Flash interactive map for Yorkshire Building Society. Featuring the Google Maps API for Flash, XML and integration with job vacancy feeds.
  • Llewelyn Davies Young (Jan – Feb '11) - Development of an XML powered interactive Flash map for the NHS.
  • Monkey Suicide (Dec '10 – Jan '11) - Design and build of a Wordpress powered website for the relaunch of Monkey Suicide - a user generated content driven gallery. Involved a complete redesign along with HTML, CSS, PHP and Flash development.
    See the website
  • Euro RSCG Skybridge (Jan - Nov '10) - Flash development lead in producing eLearning courses for the Ford of Europe sales teams. Project scoping, concepting, interface design and application development. Full integration to an LMS for tracking and recording data and XML powered for localisation for 10-20 European markets.
    Flash development of 2 games for the Ford licence and sales reward program.
  • The Commonwealth (Jun - Aug '10) - Design and build of a Wordpress powered website to help kids learn about the Commonwealth. Complete with Flash quiz, animations and maps.
    See the website
  • Instinctif (Jan '10) - In a team of Flash developers creating an XML driven sales tool for Thomson Reuters. All code was integrated into the PureMVC framework for maximum flexibility and scalability.
    See the website
  • Euro RSCG Riley (Sep - Dec '09) - Design and build of an XML powered interactive map for Greenwich University, using the Google Maps API for Flash AS3 and deep linking with SWFAddress.
    See the website
    Build of a Flash video homepage for Specsavers using XML, Flash AS3 and pseudo FLV streaming with PHP.
    See the website
    Build of an XML powered map for the ICO using the Google Maps API for Flash AS3.
    See the website
    Design and build of various Flash applications for use on recruitment websites, including an XML driven flowchart for Reckitt Benckiser, a 'video selector' for EDF Energy, an XML powered carousel for Barnsley Council and a dynamic/configurable XML ad for HMPS.
  • The Commonwealth (Nov '09) - Design and build (XHTML, CSS, Flash) for a YouTube video competition using the Flash AS3 YouTube API.
    See the website
  • Jonathan Sumberg Films (Nov '09) - Branding and web design for a wedding filmographer.
    See the website
  • Monster Monster (Oct - Nov '09) - Branding, web design and build for a new laptop stand. The website was built in Flash AS3 and features a dynamic XML driven 3D rotator and XML driven gallery/nav.
    See the website
  • Saatchi & Saatchi (Jul - Sep '09) - Design and build of an interactive hairloss application in Flash (AS3, PHP). Users can upload their photo, edit, scale and rotate the image and then choose a hairstyle. Users then see how their hair will recede over time. Built using XML for localising to various international markets.
  • SAS Design (Jul '09) – Build of an XML driven Flash AS3 map and interactive homepage for the law firm Simmons & Simmons.

Thin Martian Ltd

Senior Designer & Flash Developer

Nov 2004 – Sep 2008

  • Central involvement in conceptualising, designing and developing national marketing campaigns (acquisition and CRM) for companies such as Microsoft, Sky, AOL, BBH, Vodafone, Channel 4 and Xbox.
  • Designed and developed games and quizzes, produced scoreboards and login/register functionality and integrated them with back-end systems such as databases and CMS'.
  • Full involvement in online competition campaigns, from conception and mechanic right through to design and build.
  • Personal project work featured in industry publications such as NMA, Design Week, .NET and London Metro.
  • Designed and produced standards based websites using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, XHTML, CSS, Flash and SEO techniques.
  • Created logos and branding for companies such as CEOP.
  • Responded to briefs and produced cost estimates directly for the client and campaign stakeholders.
  • Met and liaised with clients and attended project discussions.
  • Project management and delegation of tasks to other members of the production team, including staff and freelancers.
  • Budget management and client communication to ensure targets and expectations were met.
  • Taught and mentored fellow team members and shared knowledge through project workshops.

  • Example projects include –

  • Buddy Blaster – A promotional game for MSN Messenger in collaboration with Natwest Bank for a university competition.
  • Recycle Rally – A game to educate people about recycling by sorting through the rubbish in a high-tech factory.
  • Big Snap – A prize based competition utilising Windows Live Search as the mechanic to drive searches and increase market share. One of MSN’s most successful campaigns for driving search queries.
  • Pufferfish – Game to promote a new chewing gum brand in Italy.
  • Monkey Suicide – User generated content site about toy monkeys.
  • Burnham Niker – Flash photography gallery with CMS.

The Wellcome Trust

Multimedia Designer & Developer

August 2002 – July 2003

  • Utilised multimedia development IDEs to create application logic for producing interactive medical tutorials for professionals.
  • Enhancement of digital images using Photoshop by removing creases, blemishes, dust and scratches and altering light/curve settings.
  • Bug testing of software across various platforms and hardware.


BSc Multimedia Technology & Design

Brunel University, West London

2000 – 2004

First Class Honours

My final year project, a short 3D animated movie, was exhibited nationally at the London Design Awards in 2004. I also received the Apple Award for achieving the highest degree percentage on my course. Modules in the degree included Web Site Design, Multimedia Production, Object Oriented Programming and Scripting, Production Management, Marketing and Advertising, Databases and Digital Sound Production.

Horndean Technology College

Waterlooville, Hants

1994 - 2000

A - Levels: Physics (B), Design & Tech (B), Maths (D).

GCSEs: English Lit (A*), Maths (A), Electronics (A), Geography (A), Double Science (A, A), English Language (B), Business (B), French (B).

  • Email: hello [at]
  • Phone: +44 (0) 7930 279709

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