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We take on all kinds of work, big or small, long or short, and best of all we're fast, efficient and friendly. Feel free to look at some of our work and find out more about us.

News & Latest work

Suburban Karate Master

Suburban Karate Master

8th June 2011

Are you the Suburban Karate Master? The only way you're gonna find out is by playing this brand spanking new retro arcade game!

Made at Preloaded, using the Flixel engine and 16-bit style graphics, you must jump, slide, punch and kick your way to victory... 14,500 is the score to beat (we think?).

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The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball

19th May 2011

The Amazing World of Gumball is the new show from Cartoon Network - featuring some pretty amazing animation styles and techniques. Follow Gumball as he gets into funny, stupid and just plain crazy situations.

The new site features an interactive flash panel, complete with parallax scrolling, character bios and awesome transitions... check it out now!

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Monkey Suicide Relaunch

Monkey Suicide Relaunch

1st January 2011

After years in the waiting we've finally released the revamped version of Monkey Suicide - featuring Wordpress powered immenseness and sexy design. The new site also offers image tagging, rating, commenting, and a live action flash counter... what more could you want!?

So head on over and take a look - maybe even upload your own photo and watch it get rated by the avid community! Failing that just have a browse for a bit and kill some time (and some monkeys). Nice.

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Young Commonwealth website

Young Commonwealth new website!

15th November 2010

We've just launched the new Young Commonwealth website, complete with Flash quiz and interactive map!

The site is powered by Wordpress and dynamic Flash content, making it easy to update for the client but also fun for kids... check it out!

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Monster Monster iPhone app

Monster Monster iPhone App

2nd August 2010

To make the Monster Monster website accessible on iPhones we've just launched a mobile version.

If you visit the site on an iPhone it'll automatically take you to the mobile version - featuring fluid jQuery Touch buttons and CSS3 transitions.

You can even add the page to your home screen, giving you a nice little app icon and full screen functionality... on top of that you can buy the laptop stand on the app, so go on, what are you waiting for?

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Greenwich Campus Explorer

Greenwich University Explorer

11th May 2010

The Greenwich Campus Explorer has just launched! The app allows you to view different parts of the university and also the surrounding areas.

We've implemented a few cool features on this project, including use of the Flash AS3 Google Maps API (to get Google Maps appearing in Flash) and SWFAddress to track your position within the tool and deep linking.

As part of using the Google Maps API we've also designed custom markers to highlight points of interest and we've added in keyboard functionality both for the map and for interface navigation!

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Monster Monster in Mac Format, Computer Arts and GQ magazine

Monster Monster in the mags!

2nd April 2010

The Monster Monster laptop stand has recently seen some great press attention, being featured in Computer Arts (issue 173), Mac Format (May issue - pictured here) and GQ magazine (German edition).

Spiral Static designed and built the website back in October 2009 and the product has gone on to be very popular. There are more Monster Monster updates to come, include new colours and sizes - so keep checking back for news!

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Commonwealth Video Contest

Commonwealth Video Contest

5th December 2009

We've been working with the Commonwealth Secretariat lately to help promote the new 'Your Commonwealth' video competition.

The Video Contest is an international talent competition to showcase the diversity and culture of the people of the Commonwealth. Users are invited to sumit videos to youTube about their lives.

At the top of the page is an interactive Flash map where users can see the videos that have been submitted... pulling in videos directly from youTube.

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Specsavers Jobs

Specsavers Jobs

1st November 2009

We've recently been working for Euro RSCG Riley to help roll out the new Specsavers Jobs website which went live a few days ago.

The site features green-screened employees of Specsavers talking about their roles within the company and reasons why graduates should join.

Spiral Static built all of the flash elements of the site, pulling the video content together for the homepage and creating a video player for the main content areas.

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Monster Monster Laptop Stand

Monster Monster Laptop Stand

31st October 2009

We are very proud to announce that the new Monster Monster notebook stand has just launched!

The stands, designed to cool your laptop and also ergonomically raise/angle the screen, will generally make your beloved laptop look that much more awesome than everyone elses.

Made from laster cut and precision engineered acrylic, these stands will slot together in 2 steps and can be taken apart just as easily... which makes your laptop truly portable.

Spiral Static has been responsible for the company branding and website. The logo is even laser etched into the central panel... amazing!

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Spiral Static blog

Spiral Static launches new blog

29th August 2009

We've just launched a new blog where we will be posting news and reviews of the latest goings on in the web design and development industry.

Hopefully there will also be some tips, tricks and tutorials on how to do certain things in ActionScript 3 and XHTML/CSS.

I'm sure more general stuff will also sneak in there, like news on games, films, music, photography, art and advertising. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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Devil Cow

Devil Cow!

1st August 2009

We've just added a new section to the portfolio page where we're putting up some random 3D animations and design pieces that have been created over the past few years.

The image shown here is from 'Devil Cow' - created for the Thin Martian 2007 calendar. This graphic appeared on the month of March, just in time for Easter... how nice.

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Monkey Suicide

Monkey Suicide

23rd July 2009

Monkey Suicide was born back in 2007 for no other reason than the brutally inhumane concept of photographing toy monkeys in, well... 'sticky situations'.

It was at the time when PG Tips had just started giving away the cute little critters with big packs of tea, so we thought how cool it'd be to put a website together inviting people to submit their own funny pictures.

The response was great and we recieved hundreds of entries that were put up online. The site was also recognised by a few industry people and was subsequently featured in NMA and Design Week!

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